Acme Monaco was founded as Acme Spring, Incorporated in 1947.  Founder, Harold Davies was tasked with developing a miniature ring for the New Departure Division of General Motors.  In the 1950’s and 1960’s Acme expanded with miniature bearing ring enclosures as its industry flourished with advances in U.S. technologies of aeronautics, defense, motion controls and rapid advances in small machinery.

The business was purchased by John and Helen Karabin in 1965.  At that time, there were 13 employees.  They were later joined by their two sons Michael and Roger Karabin.  Their combined backgrounds, Michael in Accounting and Roger in Engineering, complimented each other well as they succeeded their father John who passed away in 1983 as President and Executive Vice President.  Currently, Michael Karabin is CEO/COB. Roger Karabin retired as President on January 1, 2008 and was succeeded by Thomas Sebastian who became President until his retirement in 2016.  Currently Rebecca Karabin-Ahern and Lucas Karabin hold the position of Co-President.

Acme Monaco receives many inquiries on our name.  Acme was a popular name being at the front of the phone book when that was relevant.  Monaco Spring was a custom manufacturer of springs, wireforms, and stampings and was purchased in 1972 from Monarch Machine Company in New Britain, Connecticut.  Acme Spring and Monaco Spring were merged in 1984 to form Acme Monaco.

Under the Karabin’s ownership, Acme Monaco’s product line rapidly evolved beyond retaining/snap rings.  Spring making and tooling were important foundational product categories and a natural fit for John who was previously an owner at a competing company. The product line was expanded to include orthodontic hardware in 1970. The addition of rolling and wire shaping soon followed allowing us to manufacture our own shaped and straightened and cut wire in house. Non-sterile medical assemblies, such as guidewires, and stylets, were added to the product line in 1983.  Currently, both the orthodontic hardware and medical components are sold only to the original equipment manufacturers and distributors. Majority of our products in these areas are nickel titanium or stainless steel and all parts are custom made to customer's specifications. None of our products are marketed directly to the end users, such as doctors or hospitals.  The company registered with the FDA in 1972 and the majority of the business is medically related.

In 1989 a second manufacturing facility was opened in Presque Isle, Maine. This facility operates on a three-shift basis. To accommodate growth, Acme Monaco opened a third US manufacturing plant in May of 2006. This facility is also located in Presque Isle, Maine and manufactures medical devices. Later in 2017 Acme Monaco will combine these into a new state of the art building with a large new clean room.

In January of 2007 Acme Monaco Asia Pte. Ltd. was registered in Singapore with the official grand opening in June. The Michael Png family and the Michael Karabin family of Acme Monaco have been business partners since 1995. Early in 2006 it was determined that an Asian-based medical manufacturing facility to mirror Acme Monaco’s three plants in the United States was the most logical business approach to better service the Asian market. Singapore has excellent free trade agreements and operates smoothly with its larger neighbors. The company board currently includes Christopher Png, Rebecca Karabin-Ahern and Lucas Karabin.

We appreciate our loyal customers and do our best to provide the highest level of service.  Acme Monaco is committed to the manufacturing of quality products that are delivered on time and at a reasonable price.